Top 10 Tips From Semalt To Increase Your Conversions With The Dedicated SEO Dashboard

Conversion has many names. This term covers a specific action performed by the user on the website. It can be an entry to a mailing list, a sale, making a call, or time spent on the website. Depending on what exactly your business is doing, conversion may be another activity that you care about. As it is easy to deduce, in e-commerce it will primarily be the aforementioned sale of products.

Why is the increase in conversion so important?

Conversion hides, among other things, the effectiveness of your marketing activities. If despite the use of SEO activities, paid advertising or active participation in social media, the ratio is low, this issue should be properly examined. In e-commerce, an increase in conversion usually means an increase in sales, so the profitability of the business also increases. 

Company websites usually have slightly different goals - they lead to a phone call or sending an e-mail, and sometimes their purpose is to send a potential customer a file with their offer. You need to know that low conversion rates can come up for many reasons. Therefore, the problem should be verified and then eliminated. An increase in conversion is a process desired by anyone with their own website. 

In general, you can perform several activities within the website yourself. If you prepare a well-thought-out strategy, you can expect an increase in conversions. Usually, however, to raise it, you need comprehensive website optimization, often combined with SEO, i.e. positioning in organic search results. 

So, if you want to increase the conversion, it is worth considering taking care of your website from A to Z. SEO agencies, among others, that optimize the website, build content and take care of UX issues as part of the positioning and come with help. As a result, the increase in conversion occurs faster and is greater. It is worth considering taking care of your website from A to Z. 

Dedicated SEO Dashboard

How to increase your sales with the Dedicated SEO Dashboard

Discover here 3 secrets to increase your sales with the DSD:

Bring more added value

The best way to increase purchases is to create value for your customers. To do this, you can offer them free web analysis and SEO audit features with the help of SEO Dashboard. You will definitely win if your customers use this latest platform on your website.

The process is always a two-way process. While you provide quality services to your clients, SEO Dashboard provides them with the necessary metrics and audits. Since your customers can now use all the web analytics tools in your SEO Dashboard, they won't be leaving your site for the competition. Instead, they're more likely to stick around and recommend your business to others. Anyone loves receiving advanced SEO tools for free.

Get more service requests

The more requests, the more clients who are going for your services. The DSD is an effective way to attract more leads. Once the potential clients check their website with your Dedicated SEO Dashboard, they may realize they need SEO or some site improvements. That's where you're guiding the lead through the sales funnel so that they send a request* for your services.

You can receive requests from contact forms, or you can pair a custom plugin with your DSD. It could be Facebook Messenger (or any other chat plugin) or an ordering plugin that you use on your main site to communicate with your clients.

Encourage them to purchase

The Reports Center is another sales-driving DSD's feature that provides your clients with SEO reports under your brand and encourages them to order your services. Want a tip? Sending regular reports to your potential clients will help you convert leads into loyal clients with less effort on your part.

A comprehensive SEO report from your company serves as a trigger for getting in touch with you for a consultation. Since all reports come under your brand, the receivers will know who they need to contact right off the bat.

NB:  * Semalt respects nondisclosure and non-competition terms. We do not process DSD visitors' requests and personal data. The DSD visitors' requests are available only to the DSD owner and the DSD Admin Panel users to whom the owner has granted the appropriate access.

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Top 10 Tips To Increase Your Conversions

Here are some effective ways to increase your conversion. Some of them you can implement yourself, and for others, it is worth using the help of specialists. These are SEO tips, optimization issues, UX and topics related to on-page marketing. Thanks to them, your conversion rate will certainly be much higher.

UX (user experience)

One of the basic elements leading to an increase in conversion is optimization for UX (user experience). A website tailored to the user's needs is one that is: intuitive, clear, fast and reliable. If you do not know UX, you can use the services of specialists. User experience is an extremely important technique both in the context of e-commerce and corporate websites.

Content marketing 

Create content that will be easily readable by users. With their help, you can gently encourage the recipient to take advantage of your offer. Just remember that more is not always better - it is much better to create shorter but valuable content than long, low-quality materials. 

With the Dedicated SEO Dashboard, you can carry out content marketing not only on the website but also on social media and via mailing.

Expert image

Prepare content that will create an image of you as an expert in a specific industry. They do not have to be texts. Films, animations or audio materials such as podcasts are also an interesting solution. Also, in this case, focus on quality and content, not quantity.

SEO compatible with the search engine and the user 

If you position your site, try to match the needs of users with the requirements of the search engine. This is a piece of very important SEO advice, thanks to which the website will be relevant to the community while obtaining satisfactory results in organic search results.

Trustworthy ads

Do you use Ads on Google, Facebook? Categorically avoid cynical headlines that can only destroy your trust. If you publish promotional material, it should entice your audience to click and then convert. By using "cheap" licks, you will lose more than you gain.

A / B tests

With A / B tests you will be able to determine which version of the website will be better in a specific case. This type of research is carried out primarily in places where a potential customer makes a purchase decision. Remember, however, that A / B tests give the best results when a larger number of users are tested (minimum several hundred).


The user should know that there is a person on the other side of the monitor who is ready to help at any time. That is why implementing live chat solutions is such a popular one. An important issue is also a relatively efficient response to incoming e-mails and messages on social media. Communication builds trust, and sometimes through a simple conversation, we can make the undecided customer complete the order.

Case study 

If possible, try to prepare an attractive case study. In the case study, you will show your knowledge (know-how) and the real effects offered by a product or service. This way you will prove that it is worth taking advantage of your offer.

Consistent marketing messages

Promotion in social media on each channel should look similar. Do not use different prices for the same offer. In this way, you will only lose the trust of particularly suspicious customers.

Analyze data

You do not need to invest in specialized tools to analyze basic data about your website. Just open the Google Analytics panel and Google Search Console. For slightly more advanced analyzes, use Dedicated SEO Dashboard.

This way you will learn more about your audience and their behaviour. In the context of SEO tips, you must regularly monitor the indexing status of individual subpages in the Search Console. For example: if a product category is not displayed in the search engine, it will be difficult to increase conversion.

Common errors that can cause the conversion to decrease

The increase in conversion is very often disrupted by mistakes that are made by people who have websites. First of all, avoid introducing changes to the website yourself, if you do not have the appropriate knowledge about it. In extreme cases, you can harm the functioning of the website, its visibility, and thus also conversion. 

In the context of SEO advice, remember to avoid illegal positioning practices (Black Hat SEO). Due to this type of behaviour, your website may lose its position in the search engine, which will result in a decrease in visibility and traffic. Also, do not ignore the data that is available in the Dedicated SEO Dashboard.

Thanks to them, you can spot many errors and shortcomings in your website. A mistake that hinders the increase in conversion is also the lack of UX optimization, especially if your site is a bit older. Pages that have been in existence for several years need refreshing. This is because sites built a long time ago are simply outdated. In that case, the page should be finely positioned, but also modernized so that its use is associated with convenience and spaciousness.